About Me

I am an Aussie who lives in the USA with a manageable caffeine addiction. I  also happen to have an interest in the field of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. I have built machine learning solutions at Amazon (advertising, recommendations, and AmazonGo) that you might have interacted with. During my time at Oracle and Teradata, I helped business leaders chart their journey in adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for their organization.

While I am a strong proponent of AI and ML’s ability to serve specific problems, I also believe that they should not be used blindly without considering the wider context beyond the algorithms and data – namely the people that are impacted.

I believe in building teams with a bias for action, a strong sense of ownership and passion for creative thinking, that is guided by a desire to create a better future. As an inventor, my research has focused on incremental learning and adaptive systems.

If you want to get in touch with me, check out my LinkedIn or follow me on  Twitter.

Below: Looking out of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation building in Seattle. The BMGF campus is beautifully designed to capture and reuse rainwater. An example is the “living roof” that you can see below. It traps heat in winter and provides green lawns in summer.